If you spot any faults with streetlights, please report it to the clerk
Lynda Ling on 01379 852257 or e-mail [email protected]

We will need to know the column number, location and what the fault is (ie light out, light on all day etc)

21st January 2020

The parish council is starting a programme of replacing the streetlight lanterns with LED’s, not only to save money, but also to be more environmentally friendly. Lights already fitted can be seen on The Street and in Elms Close. The LED lanterns are Axia 3.1 8 LED with NEMA 690mA Lens Type: 5167 which includes full louvre (front and rear) 00-20-735 (making each lantern G4 compliant) and are 3000 Kelvins or less. The lights will dim by 50% from midnight to 5.30am.

November 2020
The replacement lighting programme is now complete and the parish council should start to begin to see substantial savings in the costs associated with the streetlights
Any queries, please contact the Clerk.